Acting: Beginner to Advanced

Whether you are just starting out in the theatre, or have been developing your skills for years, an acting class is both a solid avenue for practical improvement and a valuable outlet for artistic expression. Theatre artists tend to forget that, like musicians, dancers, painters or chefs, constant practice is the only sure road to proficiency and eventual mastery of any art or craft. A solid technical foundation improved upon with regular training and experimentation is the surest way to grow your innate skills and foster the development of previously untapped talents.


An awareness of your body and a familiarity with what it is capable of, what it does when you're not thinking about it, and what it can teach you if you listen to it, are essential skills for every theatre artist. With our fun and unique blend of movement exercises harvested from dozens of sources and teachers, we can expand the physical awareness and capabilities of any students any age and skill level.

Vocal Coaching

If the body is the actor's paintbrush, then the voice is the actor's instrument. And like any instrument the voice must be tuned, practiced, and developed in order to be used masterfully. Our instructors have extensive training in all areas of voice production from classical oratory, diction, and accent work, to contemporary techniques for developing the body's vocal resonators and kinesthetic empathy. 

Stage Combat

At some point every actor will need to throw a punch or take a slap on stage. Our stage combat instructor has been teaching students to safely learn and execute fights for over a decade. Whether its unarmed, knife, rapier and dagger, small sword, quarter-staff, or broadsword, we can show you the techniques and the moves to keep you totally safe and looking really dangerous!

Text Analysis / Character Development

At the root of every drama or comedy are distinctive characters making important choices. This concentration provides actors or directors with new tools for analyzing a script as a text, and developing vivid characters through specific physical, historical, and psychological decisions about the role. Students in this concentration can expect to divide their time between working closely with the text and experimenting with voice, physicality and movement.       


Our instructors are both classically trained Shakespeareans, having directed, designed, and acted in nearly every one of the playwright's great works. We have a deep historical and practical experience with Shakespeare's texts, themes, historical context, and production history. Whether you need help cracking a particularly difficult passage, would like to brush up before your next audition, or are simply interested in learning how to "speak the speech" in a way that is both accessible to contemporary audiences and true to the text, we can help you gain valuable, practical, insight. 

Audition Preparation

Whether you want to brush up on your overall presentation, cold reading skills, monologue work, or are looking for direction on a specific audition piece, our instructors are here to help. Usually just one or two sessions is enough to dramatically strengthen your presentation, giving you the confidence you need even in the most nerve wracking of auditions.

Script Development

Have you got an idea for a script but need a helpful critical eye to develop it? Are you a new playwright interested in learning how a script is developed into a staged production? Or are you in of need of incisive professional feedback in order to strengthen and put the finishing touches on your manuscript? Our instructors are published playwrights who are constantly developing new works. We can help you further develop your talents and give you the honest, constructive advice you need to turn your script into a play.

Presentation for Non Actors

Standing up and talking in front of a group is one of the most intimidating things many people can imagine. But we can help! This concentration is perfect for non actors looking to improve their presentation skills. With just a few simple exercises coupled with memorization techniques and productive feedback, you can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your presentations in any situation.


Individual Instruction
90 minutes @ $60 per session

Small Group 
(Pricing is dependent on class size and content. Contact for more info!)