Knoxville Theatre Slam - RULES

  • Actors may present either published or original work. 

  • Monologues only. Dialogues and scenes will be disqualified from competition, but may be presented for entertainment's sake.

  • There is a 5 minute maximum. Monologues will be timed from the moment the actor reaches the stage. This includes any load in / load out time required for setting up props. For every 10 seconds over the 5 minute limit half a point will be deducted from the overall score. 

  • Five judges chosen at random will score each piece on a scale of zero point zero (0.0) to ten (10).  The high and low scores will be ignored, and the middle three scores will be added to give the actor his or her final score for that round. The scores of each round will be added together for each actor, and the actor with the highest score at the end of the competition is the winner.

  • Actors presenting World Premiere pieces will earn one extra point onto the total score for that round. A World Premiere is defined as a monologue that has not been publicly presented or published, and which is being presented with express permission of the author. Monologues from staged readings and full productions are not admissible, but monologues that have only be presented in workshops or rehearsals do qualify provided they have not been presented in any other forum.

  • There will be no less than two rounds per competition. Depending on the number of performers and the size of the audience, the host may choose to have more than two rounds.