We are Knoxville theatre, for a Knoxville crowd!

The Knoxville Theatre Club's mission is to foster and expertly present the most compelling work of regional theatre artists, improve engagement in and access to live theatre, provide resources and training opportunities for those interested in practicing stagecraft, and partner with other local arts organizations to develop city-wide programs promoting live performance.

Who We Are

A small 501(c)3 of multi-disciplinary theatre artists, playwrights, designers, and teachers working in a collaborative ensemble environment with other professionals, apprentices, and novices to create all kinds of theatre: from scenes and vignettes designed for parks and city sidewalks, to experimental performance pieces, original short plays, and fully mounted presentations. 

We believe the theatre is good for everyone! Whether we engage in it as artists or audience members, theatre has the ability to bring us joy, make us more conscientious human beings, and foster empathy within our community.

We love all aspects of stagecraft, and we believe that cross-training in multiple theatrical disciplines is the best way to undertake the art form. We constantly strive to broaden our skills through ensemble experimentation, traditional rehearsal, academic research, and exploring any subject that interests us: from movement, mime, clowning, and puppetry, to long form improvisations, production theory, dramaturgy, and any other aspect of stagecraft.   

We love to teach, and we believe that the primary benefit of learning any art form is personal expansion, satisfaction, and technical improvement, not the often touted promise of stardom. We also believe that anyone can find a facet of the threatre where they excel.   

We call ourselves a "club" because no theatre can prosper without the community from which it draws both artists and audience: that means you! If you are an artist, we want to engage with you as artists, and revel with you in making art. If you're an audience member, we want to welcome you to share the combined experience that is the live performance, and strive to create theatre that you want to watch, because without an audience there can be no theatre in the first place. And even if you don't care the first thing about theatre, if you live here in East Tennessee, we want to be good neighbors, support your businesses, and listen to what's important in your lives. So, no matter who you are, we want you in the Club!