About Pop Up...

The Pop Up Theatre Project brings live theatrical performances to public spaces in East Tennessee for the enjoyment of everyone, completely free of charge.  We got the idea after talking to audience members who told us that the two biggest reasons they didn't go to the theater were: cost and time commitment. So, we decided that instead of charging admission for a two-hour show behind closed doors and asking people to go out of their way to come see it, we would just take dozens of shorter performances to places where people were already gathering.

The Pop Up Theatre Project originated as a way for us to produce free and accessible theatre for our local community, but we quickly found that the project changed and expanded our way of relating to our audiences. In a Pop Up performance, there are no bright lights to hide the audience; and sometimes, we are so close they could reach out and touch us. We have produced theatre of different styles, genres and subject matter, for a vast array of audiences in a multitude of environments. With every performance, we learn through immediate and close interactions, just what sort of theatre interests our community and how best to present it. Perhaps, more importantly, for people who might otherwise never see a fully staged play, the Pop Up Theatre Project provides an opportunity to access the medium of live performance up close. And it provides everyone with a chance to enjoy the art form without financial or time commitments of any kind. 




Under the name Nashville Stagecraft, members of our company first began bringing short monologues to small parks in the Middle Tennessee area during the summer of 2011. In our second year, we expanded both our membership and touring locations. We began producing longer scenes and developing a true repertoire of pieces that could be adapted and changed depending on our audience. In October of 2013, the Pop Up Theatre Project traveled to Knoxville hosted by the Wild Thyme Players through the Arts Build Communities Grant of the Tennessee Arts Commission, and the Arts and Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville. We have popped up in dozens of locations throughout Middle and East Tennessee, as well as the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area, and have offered more than 75 free performances to audiences of all sizes and demographics. 

We are are beyond exited to be call East Tennessee our new permanent home, and look forward to sharing the art we love so much with our new neighbors and old friends!