An original Knoxville world premiere! 

March 8-24, 2018 @ Modern Studio

What if you had to tell a story like your life depended on it?

When a curse falls on her village, the cunning hero Uri must seek out the answer to a seemingly impossible question: Where do Stories come from? On her journey she encounters a host of amazing creatures and characters, faces untold danger, and must rely on her willpower, wits, and a bit of magic to save her friends from a terrible fate.

100% written, developed, designed, produced, and preformed by Knoxville theatre artists, and following in the proud tradition of The Dark Crystal, Alice In Wonderland, The Princess Bride, and The Wizard of Oz, this world premier production, by KTC Artistic Directors JP Schuffman and Sara Gaddis combines reverence for traditional storytelling with fantastic puppetry, fast-paced humor, a unique mythology, and exhilarating up-close stagecraft. 

We created this show with our grown up friends in mind, but with humor and situations suitable for all ages! 


Featuring KTC Ensemble Members
Raine Palmer
Debi Werthington
Sara Gaddis
Jade Hurst
Chad Wood
Caleb Burnham
JP Schuffman