JUNE 9 @ 8:30pm


((( BYOB! )))

Revised Rules and FAQ

Knoxville Theatre Slam

What's better than basking in the spotlight during the stunned hush of an awe-inspired crowd just before a thunderous cavalcade of applause brought about by your transcendent theatrical performance?

Winning. That's what.

Anyone that's told you the art of theatre isn't a competition has obviously never heard of this little group of fringe theatre artists called... um... what was it? Oh yeah, "the Greeks!" That right, 2500 years ago, the lovely, community-building, trust-falling art form we call theatre was just starting out, and basically it was a state-sponsored synchronized group shouting contest with each Chorus presenting their best "goat song", in the hope of winning prizes (maybe goats?) and more importantly: Ageless Glory. Think we're making any of that up? We're not. It's called dramaturgy ya'll, get on it. 

What's A Theatre Slam?

In a theatre slam, performers are given three minutes to present a prepared monologue of any style. You can perform from any theatrical work, published or self-authored. Each performance is scored from 0 - 10 and is based on the performer's overall presentation. Scoring is done by a random panel of judges selected from the night's audience.

At the end of the night all of the points are tallied and the performer with the highest score is crowned that night's winner. For their valiant efforts the winner receives Ageless Glory and a cut of the door (because Ageless Glory doesn't pay bar tabs). 

Why Slam?

  • Get a quick fix under the spotlight without 70+ hours of rehearsal.

  • Perform that monologue you love but never have an audition it works for.

  • Show off both your acting chops and mad playwriting skills by performing that brilliant monologue you've personally written.

  • Promote your upcoming show to a room full of theatre people by doing a selection from the play itself. 

  • Show off. (Don't act like you don't like showing off.)

  • Meet theatre people outside your clique. (Don't act like you don't have a clique.) 

  • Win Ageless Glory and a Cash Prize.

Why Watch?

  • A theatre slam is like watching the highlight reel of the greatest plays ever, performed by actors who have chosen the material explicitly because they can perform the heck out of them.

  • The audience at a slam laughs, claps, stomps, hollers its approval (though heckling is not permitted), and in general, lets the performers know that they are present and having a good time.

  • Sit in judgement! What's better than sitting in the dark with a drink in your hand, wielding power over vulnerable performers baring their souls on the unforgiving stage? As an audience member you and the members of your group may be selected to help judge the competition. And even if you are not selected, most judges (like politicians) are ever-vacillating creatures easily swayed by the whim of the crowd. So, hoop,  holler, and help your favorite performer achieve Ageless Glory and cold hard cash!